Our Vision.

True Co. is our collective voice speaking out to every woman seeking authenticity. It’s for the ones who have grown up on pizza rolls and chicken patties but want more for themselves now. It’s for the girl who desires to be awakened to her truest  self and all that is intuitively built within her. You are True Co.

True Co. is here to bring truth and empowerment. To uplift + connect EVERY WOMAN’s journey to wellness. We are here to share in our passion for living simply and reveling in the peace that it brings.

We solemnly disagree that the pursuit of wellness is only for the high society. True Co. is for the servantless badass woman. You are working hard, working late, with pure heart, clear head, steady hand; you are either crushing it in the workplace or a full time mom, or somehow both. You consciously raise up the women around you. You don’t have hired help or piles of money waiting to be spent. We see you and you are unstoppable. Welcome to True Co. Join us as we find simplicity in a complex world.


How We Started.

We really like each other. We've been friends for a while. We love going double dating to Bakersfield. We're 90's kids through and through with a deep history of canned ravioli + boxed mac n' cheese. Our hubbies are along for the ride. 

We both journeyed through weight loss to a new found appreciation for how good, good food can be. We both struggled with over-restricting and the binge after effect. We both fumbled our way to finding the balance we knew had to exist.

We are once-upon-a-time cosmetologists. We have a love and appreciation for the beauty industry but view it through different eyes now. We love celebrating the fierce, everyday woman and all that she is. We admittedly don't know it all and have a lot to learn.

 It was really just meant to be all along.