Femme Friday Faves / October 20. 2017

It's been an exciting week in the Connally household as Vance turned three this week! It's such a surreal feeling watching your kids grow up.  We're having a monster truck party on Saturday. Vance is totally into 'Blaze and the Monster Machines' right now. We gave him a 'Zeg' truck (green dinosaur monster truck) on his birthday when he woke up and it hasnt left his hand since then. 

I love thinking up ways to make their parties special. Birthday's have always been a really big deal to me. I remember being in high school and would take the morning of my birthday off school to get donuts with a friend or decorating my best friend's locker with balloons and pictures. So now instead of decorating a locker, I pick out giant cartoon balloons and make rainbow cakes with Trolls. We don't do huge parties but we do try to find ways that make them feel extra special.  I hope the kids look back and think so fondly of how we celebrated every year. Are birthdays a big thing for you and your family? 

Also this week, tickets to our Wellness Worksop opened up. It's been so fun seeing everyone that is coming! Sarah and I will be slinging lattes and smoothies for a diy smoothie bar. I CAN NOT WAIT! Thanks for all the support and love! It's meant the world to us. Click here for tickets.

The weather has finally cooled a little here in Texas so it was a good time to take the kids to pick out pumpkins. We found a little pumpkin patch close by that was run by a church and chose some winners to paint, carve, and decorate our porch with. Do you carve your pumpkins? We typically painted them growing up and that's where I see myself leaning now. 

My plate has included some fall flavors this week and it's been wonderful. Fall cooking is so warm and happy. I've been having fun in the kitchen using festive spices and seasonal produce to build delicious bowls full of fall flavor. I'll share one of those bowls next week on the blog. ;)

on to my faves....

I'm making Vance's birthday cake today, wish me luck! I'm using Minimalist Baker's One Bowl Vegan Chocolate Cake with a few adaptations. I've already prepped the frosting using her recipe too and it turned out amazing! And as always with her recipes, it was so easy! 

We're heading to Disney World in a couple of weeks so I've been preparing slowly for that. Right now, I'm searching for the right bag to carry around with me through the parks. Do you have a back pack or fanny pack you love? Right now, I'm loving this Lorimer Backpack from Madewell but haven't committed yet. I want something that I will use past Disney World so I'm open to investing in a nice backpack. 

I'm starting to think about Christmas gifts I'd like to buy for people. I know it's early but certain ones take time to be created and shipped. I'm planning on purchasing one of these beautiful family portraits from Pied Paper Goods for each of my grandmothers. The shop owner, Jenesis Clark is local to Cincinnati. I love supporting local + small business when I buy Christmas gifts.

The kid's preschool flooded when hurricane Harvey hit Houston so they have yet to start. But when they do finally get to go, I have their water drinking needs, covered. I bought these cute, non-toxic bottles from Pura for them to carry to school. They're spill-proof, which Vance has throughly tested out, and come with a colorful silicone sleeve. I got one in aqua and one in pink. My only complaint is that they're a bit small only holding 11 oz of liquid. Other than that, I love them and so do the kids. 

Happy Weekending!

-xo, Chels