Femme Friday Faves / October 27. 2017

Hey there - as you know, we are taking a break from Femme Friday features to prepare for our upcoming workshop in Cincinnati. We have limited space left - check out what we will be up to that day and grab your tickets through the link.

For my faves post, I want to share a little bit about what is going on in our worlds and share some "favorite things" that are getting me through. Read on - xo Sarah

Photo by  Sixteen Fourteen Photography  - THEY ROCK.

Photo by Sixteen Fourteen Photography - THEY ROCK.

What’s up in my life lately… if you know me, you know my life is about as normal as it has ever been. Lately, I felt like I finally got everything down as far as settling down. You know… being married, having a house, having a job I can keep longer than six months (funny but real). I am a free spirit, so the white picket fence life does not come easy.

I fully imagined spending this fall roasting root vegetables, creating new warm recipes, hosting holiday parties I'd already begun planning. I also just made some girl boss moves on getting my art into a real, sellable products. I’ve basically been radiating all the bad-ass positive girl-power vibes I could muster.

The universe laughed at me.

Two and a half weeks ago my husband was unexpectedly fired from his job after over 3 years of being employed by them. He had never been written up or got anything other than a promotion at review time. It was like getting hit by semi when we were walking on a sidewalk… a sidewalk that runs along the side of river that’s like a mile away from any roads. “F” words and prayers were said (different times luckily). Lots of them.

Thank God we don’t have babies yet – because as positive as I am trying to stay, this is scary. I went from opening Thrive boxes to eating Ramen noodles in a hurry! Yes, you’re allowed to laugh with me. So, all my culinary dreams of imagining up new recipes are currently on hold – because our groceries are cheap and NOT organic. Boy, this universe deserves a sucker punch from me. Where are all my good vibes!? Hellur. Are you there?

But I can’t get this vision out of my head. My words aren’t beautiful, but this idea is pushing my soul and hope forward… that someone sent this devastating fire to be let loose in our lives – but instead of receiving a fire, we just got the fuel. Fire was sent. Fuel was received.

I think we have our next steps in place… we just want to see more fall in line before we share more. I will say, our beautiful “dream home” is going on the market next weekend. So if you know anyone who wants a charmer family home in the heart of Cincinnati, HIT ME UP. While that hurts, the dream we have for our lives has changed because it had to. And while it could be seen as a loss – we have fuel, remember? We’ve got dreams and grit and hope in our hearts, and we have each other. So I refuse to call that losing.

I can’t wait to share what’s actually going on in my crazy life, but for now – let’s talk about some things I’m actually into right now:

Accurate depiction of how my life is going RN.

Accurate depiction of how my life is going RN.


1. My cheap Starbuck's Iced Coffee recipe:

Grocery trips and my love for coffee look a little different right now. But I made this simple recipe that is cheaper than running through the DT: 2c Starbucks Dark Roast Iced Coffee (in the refrigerated section), a splash of half and half, and a half dropper-full of Stevia drops. Pour it in a cup, give it a shake, and go on your merry way!

2. Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

I've been bathing in this lately. Unsurprisingly, my acne is flaring up a lot right now. I am waking up with 2+ new pimples everyday. I know I can't do much more to stop it, so I am doing everything I can to help them resolve quickly and not leave scars. Between this serum and CocoKind's Face Oil... my acne is hardly scarring - which is a huge improvement for me. I don't like expensive buys - but this is worth it for me personally.

3. Friendships

"You find out who your friends are" when big life events happen. Luckily, this has all taught me who is there for Kyle and I when our life is ugly. We've had friends show up for us by Amazon 2-hr shipping treats to us, buying us meals, and dropping their plans to help us. I am especially thankful for the friends who have had patience with us when we are upset or stressed. Although this has been tough, I have realized we've picked the right people to be in our innermost circle.

4. Portion and Calorie Control

Sayyy whaaa? Yeah - this usually isn't my thing HOWEVER we are being as smart as possible with our money during this transition. We've had a lot of people lovingly give us meals - and we've ended up picking up meals on the go. "Beggars can't be choosers" as they say! Because there isn't room for homecooked meals for the time being, I'm relying on good-ole watch-how-much-you're-eating.


And to wrap it up: I'm fine. We're fine. We've been through worse and better. One of the best bits of advice given to me so far is that these trials are revealing flaws I never knew I had. And while I can beat myself up over how I have mishandled some of my stress over the past week - I can be thankful that I am being further refined.