Femme Friday / November 17. 2017

It's the week before Thanksgiving and I've got all things holiday on the brain.  I'm so happy the holiday season is here.  I love planning what Raegan and I will make together. Trey usually gets into it too and cooks something of his own. Vance likes to stir and then usually loses interest. :) We are spending Thanksgiving here in Texas but in three short weeks we will on our way to Cincinnati to celebrate an early Christmas with family and friends. Also we get to make a stop on our way up in Nashville! That means we get our absolute FAVORITE burger... Burger Up. Raegan even remembers and misses it. When Nashville was home, it was our family's go-to dinner out.

Our Workshop is coming up too and we've had a lot of pieces come together this week for it. I'm so anxious to get into the gorgeous space at Northlight Creative Studio. It's going to be beautiful, guys. From the snacks to swag bag adds to giveaway items we're so ready to sip some latte's + hang with everyone. We still have seats open ..click here to reserve.

On a slightly more dim note, I got news that the kids school would not be reopening until after the new year as they are still repairing damage from hurricane Harvey. And while it's just pre-school and in the big scheme of things it's really not that big of a deal.. it still is kind of a big deal. It's meant no fun dress-up days, Thanksgiving parties or festive crafts with friends. I do a lot with them both at home (especially as we realized they wouldn't get to to for the fall after Harvey) but they thrive in the environment of school and being around classmates. So my momma heart is a little sad knowing they missed out on special things this fall. However, we've made the most of the extra time we got to spend together AND we'll be so ready to start come the new year.  

Happy Friday Babes!

-xo, Chels

Onto My Faves //

I'm planning on making some delicious mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving but that's just a staple and necessary. I also wanted to make something exciting and new.  I found this recipe for Paleo Butternut Sausage Stuffing from Paleo Running Momma and it's exactly that, exciting and new! I probably will appreciate it more than anyone else at Thanksgiving but still.. it sounds perfect right?  

Le Creuset has FANTASTIC sales this time of year. Trey knew I had been pining for a Le Creuset Dutch Oven and when he noticed the sale they were having he couldn't resist. He surprised me with a gorgeous 3.5 qt Dutch Oven in grey. I can't wait to cook some beautiful holiday meals in it. They're an investment for sure, but (in my opinion)  completely worth it. 

I always have a few craft ideas in mind to do with the kids. This Thanksgiving I am really loving these FREE Thanksgiving Kids Table Printables from Just Add Confetti. She created super cute head bands to put together and leaves to add onto a gratitude tree. Totally doing this. Ultimately that's what we're really supposed to be doing, right--- being thankful for our health, love, families and friends. 

How cute is that Gratitude Tree?! Photo by:  Just Add Confetti

How cute is that Gratitude Tree?! Photo by: Just Add Confetti

I love that velvet has both become trendy and is appropriate for the season right now. When I was  around 10 years old I went to a mother/daughter brunch with my Nana and I wore a very pink velvet dress.  If I had the picture here I would totally share it (in all it's embarrassing 90's glory and all). Seeing as it's come back around now, I'm searching for a really nice velvet piece to add to my closet. Currently debating between this Velvet Tie-belt Jumpsuit  from Gap and this Velvet Bell Sleeve Dress from Madewell.  Although, I must say I'm kind of also freaking out about this super simple Velvet Button-Down Cami, also from Madewell.  Are you into the velvet trend?  

Booch! I've took a break from drinking kombucha for awhile but this past week it has sounded so good!  I found a Limited Edition GT'S and couldn't resist.  The bottle alone was too pretty to pass up, not to mention the festive flavor. Have you had this one? What I really want to get my hands on is the Health Ade Holiday Cheers! I usually drink half of a kombucha at a time so they end up lasting a while. This keeps from bloat and/or upset tummy. A whole one was just too much on my stomach at one time.