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a few of my
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The fact that this is getting finished on Saturday and not Friday is very representative of this month! We are thrilled to be done with home renovations and received a full price offer for our home on it's first full day on the market. I am excited to start cooking again and I also have the some physical goals I want to resume working on (they were interrupted by life).

If you're still trekking with me, you're a gem.

I'm not a blogger who can maintain the image of curated perfection, when my life is actually just like everyone else's... crazy, busy, beautiful, stressful in spurts, and wild. It is my goal to always stay real--true--with you.

xo Sarah

Here are some of my favorite things these past two weeks:

1. Favorite Clean Recipe Lately:

I call it a "Mocha Batter Bowl" because it truly tastes like cake batter meets ice cream! It is full of protein, healthy fats, it is low in lactose, and I cram tons of health benefits into it (collagen, antioxidants, and adaptogens). 

The recipe is simple: Siggi's coconut yogurt + a small scoop of Mocha Greens Powder. From there, you can add any powdered health products you'd like... I love to add Vital Protein Collagen Peptides and Sun Potion Mucuna Pruriens.



We live by these babies in our house. At under $20.00 each, these off-brand Yeti cups are perfect to keep around the house and travel with. We keep an ice water made in the house and always travel with one.


3. Young Living Oil Roller

I was given this YL oil roller called "Process," by a sweet fellow Cincinnatian, Kelly Williams (IG: @kellydianawilliams). She sent this gift to me after the miscarriage and I've been using it ever since. I am really impressed by the potency of the oils and that this roller is lasting FOREVER.

Don't mind my desperate need for a manicure. 

Don't mind my desperate need for a manicure. 


4. Best of Netflix: "What About Monday"

Tuesday night we were able to sit down for the first time and watch half of a movie. Someone on Facebook recommended "What About Monday," so we chose to watch it. Honestly, it my all time favorite Netflix movie and easily in my top 5 favorite movies of all time! It is a drama/action film.

5. Clothes I am living in... Hunter Boots and KUHL vest


Half the winter you can catch me in this combo: jeans, long sleeve-tee, with my Hunter boots, and KUHL vest. I basically wear the same thing everyday. It is comfy and people still believe I put effort into my outfit... so win-win.

I have had my Hunter boots for 2 years and my vest for 4 years. Both are a little pricey, however they have lasted so long that I know I have saved money by not having to buy cheaper versions of each.


6. Frothy Bullet Coffee with NO CLEAN UP


In my first picture, I showed my amazingly frothy coffee! Kyle and I have been enjoying coffee-shop levels of froth thanks to our new kitchen tool: a cordless hand frother!

I love frothy bullet coffees, but I hate the blender clean-up every morning... this device only requires a quick rinse under the sink.

a few more of my favorite things...

a few more of my favorite things...

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