Femme Friday: Wellness Workshop Recap

To those of you who made it to our wellness workshop, thank you.
We have spent countless hours on True Co. since our launch in June and this workshop made us realize it was worth every second. We can't wait for True Co. to grow, do more, be more - and to do it with you.
xo Chelsie + Sarah

Adaptogen Latte + Smoothie Recipe Demo

Chelsie and I did our FIRST recipe demo together! Chelsie shared what adaptogens are, what they do, and how they have personally helped her. Chelsie and I both use adaptogens daily because they help the body naturally adapt better to things like stress or hormonal changes. Adaptogens were a key part of Chelsie healing her hormones (read more about that here). I have enjoyed including adaptogen into my daily routine along with collagen and magnesium. 

All our workshop guests got to sip on an adaptogen latte and try a basic form of our Snack Balls, aka "fat balls." Side note: I didn't realize how funny the word "fat balls" were until I said it out loud at the workshop. Chels and I say this so often, that we clearly forgot the other ways "fat balls" could be interpreted.

While our guests sipped, we showed how to make our adaptogen smoothie bowls (it was green and luscious). Guests also got to see how my Ninja blender cannot keep up with Chelsie's Vitamix (Santa... are you reading this???). We finished off our smoothie demo with a Smoothie Topping Bar stocked with some Fresh Thyme Favorites... peanut butter, cacao nibs, chia seeds, coconut, and my favorite... FRESH BARS!

Molly Reckman Q&A

As ladies finished their smoothie bowls we began a Q + A panel with Molly.  Molly is the owner of the gorgeous, Spruce Natural Nail Shop on Vine in OTR, Cincinnati. I, Chelsie, had previously interviewed her (read that here) and knew she would bring absolute brilliance to this portion of the workshop. Of course, she did not disappoint. She brought the frickin heat. 

We discussed the environment of Spruce and the non-toxic products they use. Molly spoke eloquently about the dangers to not only consumers but technicians of traditional (chemically filled) salons. Sarah and I are both licensed cosmetologists and we both have also left the salon. As I've learned what I've learned over the last few years and spent the time that I have in typical salon environments I never imagined being able to go back to work in a salon. Molly is changing the game for both sides of the industry. It gives me hope that if I were to want to work doing hair or nails again, I could do so while still being protected from the toxicity of salons as I knew them before.

Molly spoke straight from her passion for what she is creating everyday in her shop.  She brought light to the emerging non-toxic side of the beauty industry and we are so grateful she shared it with us and our workshop guests. 

Courtney Sutton

We finished the workshop portion with a girl talk with Courtney Sutton. Courtney's story and the lessons she has learned through her struggles truly captured the heart of True Co. I wish I had her message recorded because my words will fail the fullness of what she shared.

I know I walked away feeling refreshed and human. As a woman, we are bombarded with insecurities and a fear that other women are our competition or rivals. It was nice to hear someone break the mold and be honest about her weaknesses, then follow it up with the truth that our weaknesses are a part of us - not some dark secret that will define us if it is known.

We ended the chat with everyone women telling us what her favorite part of herself was. No one except Courtney knew about this, so we all shared our terror. But honestly, it was amazing to see each woman's face light up as she shared her best feature. And guess what? None of them were superficial! At the end of the day, no matter how much we try to make our bodies look perfect, or curate our wardrobes and social media platforms - AT THE END OF THE DAY, those things don't matter. No one said, "I love how my Instagram feed shows off my bod, or how the pictures perfectly match, or how many likes I get." Our favorite parts of ourselves (and others) were surrounded by resiliency, compassion, relationships, laughter. It was just cool - to hear the truth, collectively. 



We held our workshop here at Northlight. It was just the right place full of light and open space to house the event. It is bright and light and emits a perfect ambiance. We loved working with the women that run this studio! Thank you! 


Thank you to Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market for sponsoring this event! Fresh Thyme provided many of our smoothie toppings and ingredients, water, and their delicious + fresh orange juice for our mimosas! Cincinnati locals, many of our favorite wellness products can be found at Fresh Thyme. I shop the Oakley location (on Alamo) right by Target.


Root & Bones is one of our FAVORITE adaptogen brands. Alyssa, owner + creator, was so generous to provide samples of her adaptogens for all of our guests. Everyone got various samples of her Pine Pollen, He Shou Wu, Cordyceps, Reishi + Chaga. Alyssa cares deeply about the purity of her product and that makes it some of the best! You can shop her stuff on her site: Rootandbones.com


Bless the Instagram for introducing us to Cypress Beauty. Nia ,owner of Cypress,  creates simple, clean skincare products and often hosts DIY events around Cincinnati. Nia was so kind to give not only discounts cards to all guests but also a full size jar of her Illuminating Mask for the giveaway we did! It was amazing and I'm still jealous I couldn't win. ;) Our visions and values align beautifully with Nia's so look for a future collab between True Co. + Cypress Beauty. 


Our new favorite snack is Fresh Bar. I, Sarah, got addicted to them after finding them at Cincinnati's Fresh Thyme. I've been digging them with my Siggi's yogurt or on my Mocha Batter Bowl. Fresh Bars are wonderful on the go and also perfect for kids.


Do I need to brag more on Spruce? Probably not, but yet I will. Very simply put, Spruce is SPECIAL. At the workshop we got to shop some of Spruce's own products, including their new glass nail files. Also, all of our guest received discount cards for a future service. We just can't get enough of Spruce Nail Shop! 


Sarah here. If you know me, you know I LOVE ME SOME BRICK. Thank you De'Veon, Jenesis, Zach, Nate, and Dan for sending our guests home with your amazing coffee. We also loved using your coffee for our adaptogen latte demo. You rock!


Chelsie here. I was lucky enough to marry into an oil lady! Kidding but not kidding. My mother-in-law is not only so knowledgeable on oils but incredibly generous with her stash... mostly because she just loves them so much and wants everyone to love them too. Angie gave every guest a sample of the Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner, Lavender Oil, and (my most favorite) the Thieves Fruit & Veggie wash. Seriously, we're so grateful we were able to add these to the swag bags! 


Courtney, your heart and honesty is a gem! I hope you know by now how much we love you over at True Co. Thank you so much for speaking at the event (fear conquerer) and donating some of your Gal Pal Society tees. I love mine!


Here's some of our favorite shots from the day!

Major babe, Courtney Sutton slaying and bringing truth. 

Major babe, Courtney Sutton slaying and bringing truth. 

The smoothie bar was so fun. 

The smoothie bar was so fun. 

Cypress Beauty brought some of their beautiful products to sample.

Cypress Beauty brought some of their beautiful products to sample.

Spruce set up a beautiful display to share their non-toxic products.

Spruce set up a beautiful display to share their non-toxic products.