Once You Go Glass, You Never Go Back

Your pantry will thank you. Your hormones will thank you. Your tastebuds will thank you.


There are a lot of benefits of going to glass but the hormone health was the kicker for me. As I journeyed through a hormone imbalance myself, I read and learned just how prevalent hormone imbalances are in our world.  It's something the 22 year old me never thought about.  Hormone imbalance can be the cause for the horrible cramps that you have with your period, or the constant fatigue you feel or even the anxiety that sneaks up on you each day. It doesn't just affect women, but men and kids too.  Cue the 29 year old me with two kids and a husband that I wanted to keep from having hormone issues down the road.  Byyyeee plastic.   

Starting to remove toxins and waste in your home can be totally overwhelming. One of the simplest steps, and a good one to start with, is to replace your plastic with glass.  There ’s a million sites that list all the specifics of why glass is preferred but here’s the gist: it’s beautiful, recyclable, impermeable and safe.  

Beautiful because it is simply more aesthetically pleasing to look at than a bunch of crinkled up plastic bags falling over on your shelves. Recyclable to the max and even the process of recycling glass is more efficient than that of plastic. Plus storing your goods in glass means shopping in bulk and refilling the same containers instead of purchasing and throwing away a different package every time. Impermeable so your food not only tastes better because there is no leached chemicals soaked into it but no weird stains left behind either. Big win. Finally, glass is safe. Safe to keep leftovers, safe to for hot liquids, safe to heat up, safe to keep in freezing temperatures, all without being exposed to hormone wreckers.  

Removing plastic with kids gets a little tricky because they make EVERYTHING for kids in plastic. I get it, it doesn't break and glass does, but they are the ones we need to protect the most. There are some good alternatives now thanks to companies that are forward thinkers and make it a little easier on the mommas.

A few of my favorite non-plastic items:

Healthy Human, Rtic and Yeti all make great tumblers. 

SipWell make the stainless steel curved straws.

Pura has stainless kids thermos'. (Recommended from a friend, I don't have one. Yet.)

Planet Box are my dream lunch boxes but are a bit pricey. Smart Planet makes silicone ones that are super inexpensive. 

Ikea sells inexpensive ceramic dinnerware sets. We use these everyday and the kids have yet to break one. Knock on wood. 

Silikids make silicone covers for kids cups to protect glass cups.  

I'm still waiting on a glass Vitamix to happen.  


Reagan and Vance are always drinking out of a Yeti with curved stainless steel straw.



There's more benefits than just the hormone health side of going glass. The chemicals that are used to create plastic leach into our food and drink. Clearly, I am no scientist but reading and hearing how this changes us on a cellular level from actual doctors is enough to make it a priority. Also, something I was completely ignorant to until I met our phenomenal chiropractor in Nashville is that, BPA-free doesn't really mean a damn thing. If it’s not BPA, then it’s probably BPF, BPS, etc.. Plastic is Plastic.  I learned this as I sat and sipped my hot coffee out of a coffee shop's plastic to-go cup. 

Final thought: It's a lot to change the way we've always known something to be done. And it's a lot to feel like we have to change it all at once. So give yourself grace and make one small change at a time. Don't feel pressure to go for the most expensive option as you replace things. Plastic is not completely avoidable in our world so we have to have realistic expectations for ourselves. I still have a few lingering pieces floating around our house. Small changes on the daily is goal. 

-xo, Chelsie