Guilt-free Deviled Eggs

Alright we are about to get weird... I highly enjoy some deviled eggs. I'm not sure if it is a Midwest thing or what, but I grew up eating these at every holiday. My mom's were always the best. Lately, I have been on a deviled egg kick because 1. I love the flavor 2. Including eggs into my diet leaves me feeling full and 3. I like this version of eggs much more than plain hard boiled eggs.

So for normal folks, these are great for parties. But if you're like me, you can add this recipe into your work lunch routine! 

xo Sarah


  • 7 pasture-raised eggs
  • 1/4c clean mayo (Tessemae's)
  • 1tbsp relish
  • 2tbsp dijon mustard
  • dill weed
  • red pepper


  1. Hard boil eggs. Our method: set eggs out for 20-30mins to get them closer to room temperature. Carefully drop eggs into water and bring to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, let it boil for a minute with a lid. After 1 minute, remove from heat and let sit for 10min. Remove from water and immediately add to an ice bath until cold. 
  2. Carefully cut eggs in half and remove the yolk halves from each piece.
  3. In a bowl. add yolks, mayo, relish, dijon, and a few pinches of both the red pepper and dill weed.
  4. Mix ingredients well. If you have a hand mixer, use it and mix until a creamy texture.
  5. For parties, I use a Pampered Chef "Easy Accent Decorator" to add the yolk mixture to the egg. You can also use a spoon!
  6. Sprinkle dill + red pepper on top and enjoy!