Why I love the Inspiralizer


In 2015, my husband and I were living with my in-laws. In that time, I formed a deep friendship with my mother-in-law, Sandra. We connected on everything from our love of beauty, shopping, home decorating, and eating healthy. She taught me nearly everything I know about eating well in a simple way. Sandra is a no-fuss type gal... knowing and learning from her changed me for the better.

For Christmas that year, she asked for a new kitchen tool from Williams Sonoma... a vegetable spiralizer. Sandra is a high-end kitchen tool collector. We went to the mall and picked out a popular spiralizer that had a package sale when paired with Ali Maffucci's Inspiralized cookbook. It looked beautiful so I got it for Sandra. Christmas morning, we woke up and exchanged gifts before heading off to Kyle's grandparents. Sandra and I grabbed the Inspiralized cookbook to read throughout Christmas day. I became engrossed in that cookbook and Ali's health journey... that cookbook basically became mine that day.

Sandra and I began spiralizing anything we could get our hands on. I had just lost 35lbs in the months prior, on a mainly soy-based MLM diet program. Learning to love and eat veggies through Ali was a huge turning point in my health journey. I went from a MLM-weight loss diet to eating REAL FOOD that actually nourished my body. I also fell head over heels in love with being in the kitchen and creating beautiful recipes.


Before I start, this is in no way sponsored. I honestly love the Inspiralizer and want to save you the money, time, and frustration you will find using other brands.

First, it actually sticks to the counter. This becomes really important when spiralizing veggies like a sweet potato. I have previously owned the Paderno (my first spiralizer), a cheap red and white off-brand that I bought at Home Goods, and a handheld spiralizer (never again!). Even the Paderno, which comes at a similar price as the Inspiralizer, slides all over the counter. Imagine cranking a handle + pushing a hard veggie into a blade while the machine is sliding across the counters.... yep! Accidents do (and did) happen.

You won't be sore afterwards. If you've spiralized before, you know this happens! I love that the Inspiralizer has an extra handle along the bottom to push the veggie forward while you are cranking with your first hand. With other spiralizers, I found it difficult to crank and push at the same time. I usually had to have my husband's help because my arm would get sore!

The blades are built into the tool. With the Inspiralizer, the switch of a blade is as easy as twisting a knob. I hated changing out and storing blades on my other spiralizers.... it's so streamline with Ali's spiralizer. This also makes cleaning a breeze + accidental cuts completely avoidable.

I know it will last. Just like you, I am busy and do not have time to be worrying about my tools on top of cooking most of our family's meals. I will say, the Paderno was durable as well. However, the Inspiralizer has the Paderno beat in so many other categories!



What spiralizers have you used? Tell me your  experiences with different tools in the comments!