Confessions of a Snack-a-holic

Snacks are my love language. I could eat dinners made of snacks. Sometimes I do. Parties have snacks, weddings have snacks, road trips have snacks. Snacks are always in the middle of the best things.  But as an admitted snack-a-holic, they can spiral out of control too. Like you start out eating a few almonds but then end up having an entire charcuterie board. 

These are my snack-a-holic confessions alongside my favorite well balanced snack options. 


I love the tartness of a granny smith apple combined with the sweetness of some almond butter + granola. Apples take awhile to eat, are EASY on the go +(with the added fat) keep you full. Here's the confession part: I ate my first apple at age 27. Yeah. Growing up I not only didn't like all vegetables but almost all fruit too. 



Trey thinks these are gross but to me; THEY ARE CANDY.  They're basically dessert and will hit that sweet tooth snack spot every time. Just make sure you get the turkish, organic, non-sulfured ones. You can tell they're good by the dark amber hue and not the disgusting light  orange tone the sulfured/preserved ones have. I'm also an admitted dried fruit snob. 


I mean, trail mix is the real MVP. It's my 'bread and butter' if you will. (Trey's rolling his eyes right now) I have had visions of creating the perfect trail mix someday. It involves quite a bit of money and yielding a giant portion that I would consume all too quickly. Bulk Bin areas of grocery food stores are like a yellow brick road to trail mix heaven. Look for organic, raw ingredients that have not been altered by added sugars or preservatives. 


Yes, half a perfect bar. A whole one is way too filling with the added protein of siggi's (unless you're using it as a meal).  A half is JUST RIGHT.  Plain 0% Siggi's yogurt + the almond butter or maple almond flavor perfect bar is my ultimate road trip jam. To the point of, if I know we have a drive coming up I will go to the store and make sure I have both in hand before we leave. 


This is sometimes a small meal also. There are snack moments I just need a piece of good, hearty bread toasted af and topped with either a sweet or savory spread. Almond butter for sweet or avocado for savory; then I  add appropriate toppings. Something about sitting and eating a warm piece of toast is extra cozy, like it reminds me of being at home and being a kid and having a snack with my mom. My dream is to make it to Erewhon Market in LA and get my hands on their paleo bread. #goals



These are typically in my freezer/fridge in some variation at all times. If you make the "Justin Timberlake of milks" you can use the pulp for these and feel like the ultimate badass homemaker because your slinging your own milk and snacks double duty. Recipe for bites here


This one is for the one time I am feeling savory over sweet. Rarely is this the case, but lean protein of turkey + the healthy fat of avocado + the flavor of hot, fermented cucumbers is the jam. To keep it clean I stick to Plainville Farms or Dietz & Watson organic sliced turkey (no nitratesor preservatives) and Trader Joe's Organic spicy pickles. They're amazing. I used to hate pickles even. Also, I keep them in stock for one of our favorite dinners, my Spicy Burger Bowl.


Weird combo. Completely blissful. TRUST. If I'm getting uber specific I'd say the GT'S gingerberry kombucha + Green & Blacks Organic 85% dark chocolate. If you're wanting something a bit more hefty, opt for a chocolate granola. Minimalist Baker's recipe is perfect (and a total reincarnation but maybe better of the Purely Elizabeth Chocolate Sea Salt Probiotic Granola). I've eaten this for dinner before on a weird/lazy night. 

Those clusters though.

Those clusters though.

All that being said, I've come to place of focusing on better whole meals that keep me full longer + snacking less. I spent a while being ruled by snacks + the clock while rarely filling up on an actual meal. All that really got me was unruly blood sugar levels, imbalanced hormones, and feeling hungry with the urge to binge every time I actually sat down to eat. So I use these few favorite snacks when I have to go a long while without a meal but consciously aim to eat real food meals when I am hungry and not live the day through snacking.

 This was for all the other snack-a-holics out there. 

-xo, Chelsie