Going Non-Toxic After Accutane Part 2

I finished Accutane in 2011 and had clear skin until 2015. By this time, I was eating well and I was old enough to be out of the "teenage" years of breakouts. Slowly, my acne returned and by 2016, I was waking up with a few small breakouts everyday.

It was not cystic... just annoying! I began a new search for products that would help my skin normalize, however nothing was working. My scars were adding up and unfortunately, my battles with acne have aged my skin considerably in the past few years (if anyone knows how to reverse scars naturally... reach out!!).

At the beginning of this year, I discovered Cocokind Skincare through Chelsie. I love everything Chelsie creates and uses, so when I saw her buy some products, I drafted up my order. Within a few weeks of using it, my breakouts started to slow down and overall, my skin just looked better! Don't get me wrong, I still have plenty of scars, but overall, it was looking pretty good and no new scars were forming. All in all, my skin felt calmer.

This is the change in my skin after the first month of using Cocokind

This is the change in my skin after the first month of using Cocokind

I've been using Cocokind for about four months now. Lately, my skin is as clear as it has been since I got off Accutane. I do have an occasional breakout due to stress or my period. My breakouts now are not painful and they heal quickly. Priscilla, the owner of Cocokind, has an amazing Instagram account where she shares tips via Instagram stories. Through Priscilla, I have learned to clean my face before I shower and to NOT TOUCH MY PIMPLES! I am such a picker... but for some reason, she has gotten through to me and it has made all the difference in my skin.

Worried about oily skin using Cocokind? Cocokind is a coconut oil based product line. I tend to have oily skin so I had reservations in the beginning. If you follow Cocokind on their social media, you will see an in-depth explanation of why it won't make your face oily. Here my version: because Cocokind is a natural oil line, it will not strip your skin of its natural oils... only cleanse. Because your skin isn't being stripped daily while using Cocokind, it will not need to over-produce oil anymore. Give the line some time because your skin needs to normalize! Once it does, your skin will find some much deserved harmony. Oh, and you also won't have to worry about all the unnatural chemicals your skin is soaking up because Cocokind is made from the highest quality natural ingredients.