Spicy Burger Bowl

Lettuce wrapped burgers can leave something to be desired... for me. BUT a burger in a bowl with all the spicy toppings... completely satisfying. I don't care about the giant wheat bun when I have this. While were on the topic let me just say that not eating the bun isn't even about the carbs but the inflammation that comes along side it. My body doesn't appreciate the delicious grains and I feel so much different (better) when I don't eat all the refined grains. So if you see me eating a burger in a bowl, its not because I'm afraid of the carbs... I'm avoiding feeling gross + bloated for the next 2 days. Last thing I'll say before I get to the "recipe", the spicy pickles are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Go to Trader Joe's, find them, buy them, eat them and then thank me. 

-xo, Chels


For the burgers-

1 lb organic ground turkey

smoked paprika

pink salt + black pepper

chili powder

garlic (minced or powder) 

2 tsp red wine vinegar

(I didn't provide spice measurements because I'm just generous with the seasonings, so you do you. 'To taste' is the measurement of choice for these.)

For the rest of the bowl-

Romaine lettuce chopped

1 egg 

Organic Spicy Pickles (Trader Joe's) 

1/2 avocado diced

1 jalapeno chopped

1 green onion chopped


Spicy Burger Bowl Toppings

Spicy Burger Bowl Toppings


Combine all burger ingredients in a metal bowl.

Form patties and cook burgers to preferred doneness.

I use a cast iron pan over medium, with a splash of water and a lid. Juicy AF. 

Fry your egg while the burgers cook.

Again, a small cast iron, over medium-low, with ghee + a lid. 

Place romaine in serving bowl. 

Tear the burger into bite size pieces and add to bowl.

Top with chopped jalapeño, green onion, PICKLES, avocado + the egg! 

Sprinkle a little more black pepper, pink salt + cayenne.

Dig frickin in. 

Over-medium fried egg is choice. 

Over-medium fried egg is choice.