Everything Turkey Wraps

These pretty roll ups are as EASY as it gets. Grab your ingredients, stuff em full, sprinkle that incredible 'Everything' seasoning and eat up. Work lunch, standing-in-the-kitchen-with-5-minutes-to-eat snack, on-the-go lunch, simple party food, travel meal etc.. these go the distance. 

-xo, Chels


4 slices Organic sliced turkey

(Dietz & Watson or Plainville Farms brands have clean deli options with zero additives.)

Diced avocado

Handful of mixed/chopped brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli, green cabbage + radicchio

(Any greens would work if you don't dig or have on hand what I used here.)

Everything seasoning (TraderJoe's) 

Black pepper

Pumpkin seeds

4 toothpicks

Cranberries or apple slices 


Lay your turkey slices out flat. 

Place a suitable amount of the mixed greens on each piece. 

Add diced avocado, pumpkin seeds + cranberries.

Roll up each piece and gently stick a toothpick through each wrap.

Sprinkle black pepper + 'Everything'  seasoning over top. 


Tesse Mae's has a perfect Honey Poppyseed dressing to dip.
If following Whole 30 simply use apple slices instead of cranberries + omit the dressing.
IMG_4635 2.JPG