Chai Tea Latte

This frothy latte is the perfect early morning pal or afternoon pick me up. I made this when I was decided to avoid coffee for a little while. With this drink, I didn't miss it much. Also, this is a perfect brew to add adaptogens too. 

-xo, Chels

chai tea latte


2 organic chai tea bags

8 oz boiling water

1/4 cup heated almond milk

2 scoops collagen peptides

5 drops organic liquid stevia (could swap for honey)



Steep the tea in the boiling water. 

Pour brewed tea, hot almond milk, collagen + stevia to blender

Blend on high for 20-30 seconds. 

Pour into pre-warmed mug + top with sprinkle of cinnamon +  sip away! 

chai tea latte 2