A Last Minute Mom, Firework Wands and Bug-Repellent Lanterns, OH MY.

It's rare that I plan out a craft. And by rare, I mean never. It's always digging through what leftover crafting supplies we have on hand and seeing what we can put together and make work. These CUTE little wands + handy bug repellent lanterns were no exception. Seriously, leftover pickle jars, 10-year-old (literally) scrapbooking paper, a wood skewer here and a drop of essential oil there...POOF, I'm a festive mom just in the nick of time. We made a couple extra to share with our friends too. 

Lemon peels are the prettiest. 

Lemon peels are the prettiest. 

Natural Bug Repellant Lanterns

Grab a recycled glass jar with the label removed.

Cut some strips of colored paper.

Wrap individual strip around the jar and glue into place. 

Trace and cut stars out in either colored paper OR glittery foam paper. 
(This I had only from cutting out lips for our gender reveal party 4 1/2 years ago when I was pregnant with Raegan)

Googly heart eyes in love with these lemon swirls. 

Googly heart eyes in love with these lemon swirls. 

Glue the stars wherever you please around each jar. 

Fill the jars half way with water + lemon peels + essential oils or herbs. (See which specific oils below)

Later add a tea-light or floating candle. 

Enjoy the glow + the INCREDIBLE scent. Of course, with out any of the chemicals in typical bug-repellant candles. 


Lemongrass, TeaTree, Eucalyptus, Citronella or Rosemary.  

Firework Wands

Trace some more of those sparkly-foam paper stars you used on the lanterns + cut out.

Super glue them to a wooden skewer.


After the star is dried to the skewer stick, take three strips of blue crepe paper (different lengths is fine even--I'm the most particular crafter) and roll the ends together. 

Glue the blue crepe paper strips to the back. Allow to dry. 

Cut each strip into thirds, leaving 1 in at the top uncut. 

Yeah, that's it. 

Now your a fun, has-it-together crafty mom + your babes can fly their firework wands all evening.  

My girl, the queen of festiveness. 

My girl, the queen of festiveness.