FEMME FRIDAY: Sandra Dankhoff

How cute is her work selfie? Let us all pray we age as beautifully as Sandra...

How cute is her work selfie? Let us all pray we age as beautifully as Sandra...

This is our second edition of Femme Friday and my (Sarah) first pick! My first Femme Friday features the woman who has impacted my wellness journey more than anyone else - my mother-in-law, Sandra. The first time I met Sandra, she hosted a family dinner in her home and it was a big deal that Kyle was introducing me to the family. I remembered how redneck I felt, wondering "Are they offended by my tattoos?"... "What the hell, do they always eat this stuff?" ... "Can they tell I'm from Trenton and not a classy suburb girl?"

Little did I know, that fancy woman would become my mother-in-law, future roommate (we lived with her for 9 months), and one of my best friends. She has taught me many quality lessons in life: like not to sweat the small stuff, to buy quality shoes and kitchen tools, and to feed my body really good foods. Sandra doesn't exist on the internet... but if you live in the Cincinnati area and use wellness products, I can send you into Spring Street Vitamins (the business owned by Kyle's grandpa and uncle). Sandra works there and she is a WEALTH of knowledge.

xo Sarah.

Read on for a little Q&A with Sandra....


1. If you could give one bit of advice to younger women in regards to finding a balanced and healthy lifestyle, what would it be?

BALANCE.... Don't give more time and attention to people and things than you do to yourself. Remember you're super important too! HEALTHY LIFESTYLE... eat clean 90% of the time, then give yourself 10% to cheat.  Remember it is a lifestyle not a diet.

2. How do you manage to eat healthy, home cooked meals every day while maintaining a busy lifestyle?

It all boils down to ingredients, and that starts at the grocery store. Making the choice to buy living food ( fresh or frozen) instead of dead food (boxed, canned, or processed) makes meal planning, or just throwing something together fairly simple. 

3. What are your best kitchen tools (or tips) that make eating healthier manageable?

TIP.... When you make something you feel is really delicious ...  write it down, log it somewhere.  Then when you want that certain something again, you'll know where to get the recipe in a snap. TOOLS... My two favorite kitchen helpers are my food processor and my blender.

4. Tell me about where you work and how you utilize your position to impact others…

I work part time at Spring Street Vitamins... I help others understand or gain knowledge about their body and how it works.   This enables them to feel confident in making the best purchase choice for their particular health concern(s). 

*** SIDE NOT FROM SARAH *** She is humble about this one. The advice she gives as they choose wellness products (vitamins, herbs, supplements, etc) is life changing! People walk into Spring Street with health issues that will shorten their life and lessen their quality of life... with an open mind and willingness to learn, they can experience true health with Sandra's help! I know because her bits of wisdom changed my direction in life in regards to my health.

5. In your opinion, what is the difference between someone who *wants* to change their health and someone who actually changes for the better?

I think everyone wants to be healthy.  For most people, the key is knowing where to start.  It's knowledge and understanding that starts us on the right path and keeps us there.   Most people need to start with the basics.  Others just need to decide on what their individual goals are and focus on that.  

If I hadn't met Sandra, I would still be fat, sick, and unhappy with my health. She taught me how to cook "living foods" that brought my body and mind back to life. I didn't understand what it meant to be healthy, I simply knew I shouldn't be sick. I am so thankful I know her and for the countless afternoons we spent cooking together in her (beautiful) kitchen. We had a lot of fun creating meals and beautiful spaces, like this table setting for Thanksgiving....

Do you have someone in your life that inspires you? Someone that is a 'servantless badass woman'?  Send us their contact info so we can celebrate them and share their awesome badass-ness with everyone.