Good Vibes Are The Realest

There is a reason people say "good vibes only."  Beyond just a hip phrase it does mean something. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency and we have the power to increase ours. With a  higher frequency your mood lifts, you are innately happier, full of positive thoughts and intentions. Even your physical health can be shifted with a high frequency. We all possess a pure, powerful energy that can change our reality. 

Tap into The good vibes:

1. Love Yourself

Hating on yourself only stems negativity and brings down your frequency. Forgive yourself of past mistakes and move forward in self love. You are incredible, beautiful, and deeply loved by the One who created you. 

2. Eat Living Food

The foods we consume vibrate at a certain frequency and they can either add or deplete. There is a real food movement going on and for good reason. Real food is alive. It carries a vibration. Canned foods, "dead food" (this term is completely harrowing, I know),  have a whopping frequency of ZERO MHz and fresh foods range from 20-27 MHz. (1)  When you sit down to eat think about how you feel as you're eating the food that is alive, and then how you feel when you eat something from a plastic wrapper that wasn't grown but rather manufactured. Our vibes are determined by our fuel. Give yourself life. 

Real food is alive.

Real food is alive.

3. Get Creative

Whether you are the most naturally creative person in the world or it takes true effort to sit and be imaginative, it benefits everyone to explore some creativity. Taking time to enjoy good music, painting a picture with your 3 year old or walking through an art gallery exhibit invites a soft energy. We spend a lot of time being all business and checking off our to-do list which opens us up to aggressive thoughts + feelings. While things do need to get done, often they can be accomplished even more efficiently if we have a softened presence within ourselves. (Preaching to myself right here.) One of my goals is to dabble in pottery. Find time to treat yourself to a few minutes of relaxing or inventive-ness. 

4. Be Present

"If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present."  (2)

I fail at this so many times everyday. I constantly try to live in the future.. cue anxiety.  But I have learned to catch myself, realize why I am feeling so anxious and move myself back to the present. Being truly present allows us to appreciate the mundane and regular days because they are happening and we are taking part in them instead of inconvenienced by them.  Walking the dog becomes a 20 minute experience of smells and sounds and sights you haven't soaked in even though you walk the same path every day.  A monotonous Monday at home with the kids becomes hearing their belly laugh more times in one day than you can remember, realizing how tall they have suddenly gotten and even admiring the random Lightning McQueen stuffed in your glass lantern.  As you engage in your present you gain positive thoughts + feelings and a higher frequency. This one is a work in progress for me. 

5. Get Oily

Essential oils vibrate between 52 MHz and 320 MHz. The normal range for a human body is between 62 to 68 MHz. And disease is said to begin at 58 MHz. (3) So diffuse, inhale, sprinkle, dot, dab, bathe in that ish, it doesn't really matter just use it. 

Stress Away is the real MVP.

Stress Away is the real MVP.

6. Surround Yourself with 'High Vibe' People

This kind of goes back to that somewhat obnoxious saying, "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future." While overused and sort of makes me gag a little... it's true. The people we do life with and surround ourselves with impact our own vibrational frequency. Your vibrational frequency adapts to the strongest energy that it's near. If you are constantly hanging out with people who are full of life and positive intent, they're probably beaming with a high frequency and that naturally pulls yours up. But just the same if you are surrounded by 'Negative-Nancy's' all the time your vibe will go down because your frequency will dip to what theirs is. Also good vibes attract more good vibes. 

7. Hug a Tree

Stay with me... We need nature. Our souls crave it.  There is a reason people take vacations to the mountains and oceans; or drive ridiculous distances to get away from all of the traffic, noise and concrete jungles. It's because nature offesr a harmonious frequency to us. Kids are the most intuitive beings and they show us how simple it is to find the good vibes. My daughter lays in the grass every chance she gets. I probably have 20-30 photos over the last 4 years of her plopping down in grass over various states.  Not because she thinks it's what she is supposed to do but because it's innately soothing and comforting to be connected physically to the earth. It grounds us. So while you might not actually hug a tree find a way into nature that's right for you. We need the grass beneath our feet, the ocean splashing into us, the wind messing up our hair, and all of the high vibrations that it brings. 

This girl is bursting good vibes.  

This girl is bursting good vibes.  

8. Love yourself

It's that important. And you're that great. 


-xo, Chels




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(2) Quote By: Lao Tzo, referenced from: You Are A Badass

(3) Essential Oils Desk Reference: The Fifth Edition