Femme Friday: Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero is the author of the book, 'You Are A Badass'. She writes witty and straight to the point ways to stop doubting how awesome you are and start living the incredible life you dream of. It's not your typical self-help book in the sense that it is far more realistic and not so cheesy.

It's tough love, direct, eye-opening and a mind blowing reality check with little specks of vulgar but authentic directives on creating the life you really want to be living. Go read it. 

For good reason she is our servantless badass woman (#sbaw) this week. Here's my favorite tips that I grabbed from reading the book. 

-xo, Chels


1. Our subconscious is actually in control. 

We innately assume our conscious mind is controlling our decisions and actions but Jen explains how deeply our subconscious beliefs determine our direction. For me the example of how we grew up and observed our parents handling money guided our subconscious beliefs on money WAS SPOT ON. I have my father's view/mistrust of money. That it won't be there. That money=struggle. But my husband is the opposite: to him there is always money available. So now I trudge forward aiming to renege on my subconscious mistrust of money so I can align my subconscious beliefs with my conscious minds desires + goals. 

2. Follow the beasts + babies. 

God gave us amazing examples of living in the present. Animals + Babes. In the book, Jen says, "Animals are in the present all the time, and their secret power is to pull us in with them." And little ones are always fully engaged in the joy of what's taking place in that moment or what they are trying to build and create. They don't think about what's happening next week or even tomorrow. They enjoy the fun of the moment. It's so like, duh, but also very eye-opening to try and capture being as present as the beasts + babes.   

3. love who you are

Jen goes beyond the well used phrase, "love yourself",  to the deeper facets of just how to go about that and the gigantic impact it can have on your life. We're born perfect little balls of love then quickly the world teaches us the ways of learning to un-love ourselves. So, per the book's instructions: appreciate the hell out of yourself, forgive yourself, stop comparing, ditch the self-deprecating jokes and take care of your body like you love it. Dive into all the specifics in Chapter 6. 

When we’re happy and all in love with ourselves, we can’t be bothered with the bullshit. Ours or anyone else’s.
— Jen Sincero, author of 'You Are A Badass",

4. FANtasies=an excuse free reality 

"Our fantasies are our wildest peepholes into who we are and what we think is awesome." (pg. 79) Some of the craziest, most ridiculous things I want to accomplish in this life are actually doable. And perhaps, if I dare to be bold, will come to fruition. As we are tarnished by this world, we gain this thought process of thinking our dreams are meant to stay in our imagination. NO. We can live out everything we've ever deeply sought. Why did it take a book to bring this realization? 

5. Gratitude goes a freaking long way

Jen calls it, "the gateway drug to awesomeness".  I love that. It's incredibly fitting. I grew up in church and spent a good chunk of my twenties working in ministry. I heard the importance of being thankful over and over and over until it became a numbing point. The essence of gratitude clearly stems from the Bible itself but somehow the way 'You Are A Badass' reads, it conveys the depth of it to the millennial in me. Old millennial be it, but still millennial. ;) 

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
— Albert Einstein

Check out Jen's book. It's worth the investment into yourself.