Femme Friday: Kirstie Swick

Being a mom of two, clearly momming is near and dear to my heart. For Femme Friday this week I had to spotlight my beautiful friend and writer of the 'Made for Mommin' blog, Kirstie Swick. I've known Kirstie since middle school and we used to be basket-ballers.  Nowadays we both pretty much just ball in the mom arena (lame mom joke on point). Kirstie works full time, is wife to her husband, Steven, and raises their 5 month old daughter, Kensington.

Knowing Kirstie personally, I can vouch that she is just as beautiful of a person on the inside as she is on the outside. Her passion and kindheartedness shine through in the witty words of her blog. If you're a new mom, an old mom, a grand-mom, an almost mom or a someday mom her blog will speak to you. I love that she embodies all that we hope to bring focus to every week as we celebrate the servantless badass women in our lives. 

-xo, Chels

Photo by: Molly Ann Photo + Design

Photo by: Molly Ann Photo + Design

1.  Would you share a little about your self and what prompted you to start your ‘Made For Mommin’ blog? 

Hi! I’m Kirstie. I’m 27 and live in a small city north of Dayton, Ohio. I’m married to Steven who doubles as an attorney and the best dad ever to our 5 month old daughter, Kensington. Steven and I were both the youngest in our families and despite having 10 nieces and nephews, we felt greatly unprepared for parenthood. Once our daughter made her grand entrance, I was shocked by how natural it felt to be her mom. All the looming uncertainties and confusing advice cleared up in no time. Since I have my bachelor’s degree in English and Writing, I have always processed by getting my thoughts on paper. I started writing for Dayton Mom’s Blog and got such a wonderful response from the community, family, and friends, that I figured I would keep sharing my thoughts through my personal blog - Made for Mommin’. Although parenthood can no doubt be tricky at times, I believe God made us specifically to mother our children and I was definitely Made for Mommin’ mine. 

2.Can you give a brief summary of your birth experience? 

It’s hard to give a brief description of my birth experience because it was anything but brief! We desired a natural, unmedicated birth with Kensington. Through my pregnancy, I became fascinated and very passionate about the topic. Thankfully, I had good health through the pregnancy to make this a possibility. After 28 hours of indescribable pain (as every mom knows), we felt immeasurable joy when we welcomed Kensington on March 10th, born without any medications or interventions, in the water. The process included such pain but came with such reward. The struggle was productive and the pain was meaningful to welcome this life shifting moment - like many of the most valuable experiences and relationships are. I think our decision to have a natural birth was our first real decision as parents to do what is best for our baby.


3. What are your three favorite, can’t-live-without baby products ? 

Oh man - first I will say, thank goodness I am a mom in 2017. The number one item for us is our Boba baby carrier. Kensie loves being close to us and falls asleep especially fast in her carrier. It is the sole reason I can get anything done around the house! Secondly would be my handheld breastpump - Kensie has never taken a bottle and I’ve been blessed with a good milk supply. With great power comes great responsibility - and lots of pumping. I never leave the house without it and it allows me to not be stuck to the wall and big, electric pump! Lastly, I would go with our MamaRoo; when Kens has a rough night, she always likes to be in “car ride” mode. It lets mom and dad sleep and saves us loads of gas. Our friends and family saved us as all three of these were gifts we did not even know we needed! 

4. What do you hope to achieve through Made for Mommin’? 

Since I’ve already learned how fast time passes once you have kid(s), I hope blogging through my motherhood journey allows me to remember all the good times and the bad. I hope it helps me process the rollercoaster of emotions and milestones that have passed and that are to come. Mostly, I hope that my words can comfort any mother out there in the same position as me. I love conversation starters and healthy debates. I believe research and education are necessary to make the best decisions for our children. Hopefully this will be a platform for all of these things to come together. 

Photo by: Molly Ann Photo + Design

Photo by: Molly Ann Photo + Design

5. As a working mom, how have you found balance in the transition of heading back to work, being mom + wife, and writing/running a blog? 

Finding balance is a daily struggle. My type A personality wants a spotless house, blog posts daily, to excel at my job, and to spend 24 hours with my hubby and babe. Since I haven’t figured out how to do this yet, I work hard at turning off emails after 5:00 and spending early morning hours cleaning and blogging. I strive to spend my down time not making lists or prioritizing the next day, but fully in the moment with Steven and Kensington. I fail often but succeed more. Every day is different but this is working for us so far. But, I could definitely use a few pointers in the distant future on how to balance 2 kids, Chels!

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