Femme Friday: Jenesis Clark

GUYS. I'm always so excited to share for Femme Friday and this week, I am bursting-at-the-seams-excited to share a little bit about this new powerhouse woman in Cincinnati. I've crossed paths with Jenesis because she's basically my dealer... for my coffee addiction. She owns/co-owns two businesses, Pied Paper Goods and Brick Coffee. I have always admired her creativity and obvious courageousness to take risks. As a woman of faith, I look up to women who can be faithful but also fearless, brave, and powerful. I hope you enjoy learning more about Jenesis like I did! Also... check out her social media. Links below. xo Sarah

Pied Paper Goods | Instagram   Etsy   Facebook

Brick Coffee | Instagram   Website   Facebook

Isn't she the cutest? Photo Cred: Leeka Belyaeva

Isn't she the cutest? Photo Cred: Leeka Belyaeva

Tell me about yourself... Where are you from? What are you up to these days?

I tell people I’m from Morgantown, WV, because that’s where my parents live and it’s the last place I lived before moving to college. ;) I was born in Kansas however, and lived in California for the first ten years of my life. That’s the long answer! 

Life has a really fast and routined rhythm these days. I split my time as the owner and artist behind Pied Paper Goods, as well as a partner at Brick Coffee Company. What you may not know is that I also work as a worship leader as well as a nanny a couple of days a week. These other two jobs feed into the other parts of my heart: ministry and family. If you haven’t been counting, that’s four jobs, four “part time” incomes, four parts of my heart. I work any two jobs on any given day! I know it won’t be like this forever and I’m constantly striving for gratitude for how great things are now.

Jenesis and her husband, Zach. Photo Cred: Leeka Belyaeva

Jenesis and her husband, Zach. Photo Cred: Leeka Belyaeva

Why did you open Pied Paper Goods and what are your future plans for it?

I started PPG as a junior in college. I started doodling and drawing throughout classes and friends started asking me to draw/write/paint things for them…and they’d pay me. What?! I continued to dabble throughout the summer and then launched my Etsy shop at the beginning of my senior year. My goal is to be an accessible artist and calligrapher. I love when a message is written beautifully as art through calligraphy or modern lettering. I’m passionate about art and paper goods that are accessible and meaningful! I strive to create art that is accessible and personable, choosing messages that people can identify with in style and meaning. I also love creating prints that are personalized for special occasions through portraits and other custom prints. Mostly, I hope to fill homes with meaningful pieces that speak to who you are and what is important to you.

Right now, I’d love to get into the wedding game. I want PPG to grow to become its own steady income and have regular work throughout the year. (So any future brides: get at me!!) My sister-in-law and I joke about someday owning a boutique together that would function as a stationery shop, jewelry and home goods store, bakery, and teaching/workshop space…that’s in the WAY future but I love to dream about it!

Her work is beautiful... I have three prints in my home.  Check out her work.  Photo cred: Leeka Belyaeva

Her work is beautiful... I have three prints in my home. Check out her work. Photo cred: Leeka Belyaeva

What is Brick Coffee?

Brick Coffee Co. is my current child. Really. We are a coffee shop located in Norwood, OH, on the corners of Smith and Floral. Our coffee is pretty good, but I think our community is the best thing we have to offer. I love that we know regulars by name and can ask them about their lives, and give them their drink without them having to tell us what they’re there for. I love when you someone walks in and knows several people already in the shop and has to take the time to make rounds of “hellos” before ordering. I love that we are a gathering place for the community and al the great things taking place within our little shop.

Photo from Brick's Instagram: @brickcoffee

Photo from Brick's Instagram: @brickcoffee

How did Brick start and what is the vision for the shop?

Brick started when a handful of college seniors decided to the most unconventional thing ever and open a coffee shop instead of apply for jobs within their fields of study. :) There were eight of us that were brought together that had different backgrounds of upbringing, different fields of study, and different personalities in order to explore the idea of creating a coffee shop that was more community oriented and focused on people rather than turning a high profit. We also desired to serve the world the way Jesus served: meeting people where they’re at, earning their trust, listening to their stories, and bringing them together. A coffee shop fit the bill. God opened up doors for us to be in Cincinnati and it felt like we were exactly where we needed to be.

The vision for the shop is that it becomes a place where people can walk in and feel as if they are known, heard, and loved. You can have zero knowledge of coffee and still find something that draws you back into our little space. We hope it’s the fact that we try to listen and serve you the best we can!

How do you balance running two businesses, being a wife, and maintaining everything else?

I’m pretty fortunate that most of my jobs take up their own “days” and my routine doesn’t change much. As someone who thrives on a routine, this is so helpful in feeling balanced. My husband Zach is the best teammate/co-owner/business partner/cheerleader I ever could have hoped for; I’m SO lucky that we do so much together in this season. Quality time together is the most precious gift but I also know that we are both so efficient and powerful when we tackle something as a team. So we work really hard and veg even harder. I think that boundaries and being confident in my yeses and no’s has helped as well. I used to feel obligated to say yes to everything even if I had no other time for myself to get what I needed to get done instead of just wanted to get done. And that lead to a lot of anxiety, stress, and even depression from time to time. I hate not feeling myself or at 100% - this hinders my productivity tremendously. So I make sure to carve out time to do what I want, both fun (like girls night or a few Netflix episodes) and necessary (like scrubbing every inch of my kitchen). 

Photo Cred: Leeka Belyaeva

Photo Cred: Leeka Belyaeva

What advice do you have for women who want to start something of their own?

Pray, pray, pray. Don’t do it unless you have a peace that this is what you’re supposed to be doing. I think that one area of peace is huge because it can very much be chaos in the other areas. A peace that you’re doing what you are called and meant and desire to do is so huge, because then it drives you to look for how to make it happen in other areas (time, money, etc.). The people who love you will rise up and support you, they’ll guide you, and they’ll celebrate and mourn with you. Make sure you’re listening to the wisdom from those around you who know you deeply.

What has been the best part, or lesson, from your new start in Cincinnati?

Cincinnati has become home so quickly. I think the best part is that it’s a city that is growing and shifting in so many good ways. I love that it has something to offer for everyone, no matter what your interests are. I’ve learned that there are amazing people here and that itself is what makes a city so great.

Thank you Jenesis for great coffee and beautiful artwork in my home! And also for sharing a little bit of your story with me and our followers. True Co. gals, go follow and support her!