Sarah's Anti-Stress & Sleep-Aiding Tricks

Hey guys! I have been getting a lot of questions lately about my anti-stress and sleep-aide methods... especially concerning the magnesium drink I have every night. I want to address every question in one place and hopefully leave you with some options to naturally combat any stress, anxiety, or insomnia issues you're facing. I'm also linking the exact products I use (and have used for months or years) so you don't waste time finding quality products.

As always, I am not a doctor. It is always best to consult your primary care physician in regards to any medical issues you are facing.

xo Sarah



I take Life Extension's Liquid Melatonin as needed, right at bedtime. I loathe taking pills, so I prefer the liquid form - this one tastes great and always works.

Melatonin is a hormone made by the body. Naturally, your body creates more or less based on the light of day... think of it like your "internal clock." In a healthy adult, your levels of melatonin rise through the afternoon and evening and naturally declines at day break. Melatonin helps control your sleep cycles.

Taking a melatonin supplement gives your body an extra boost of this already-naturally occurring hormone. Expect to get sleepy shortly after taking this! I have my bottle on my night stand, so I take it in bed.

If you are thinking about starting melatonin, I suggest trying it on the weekend. Sometimes, melatonin can cause grogginess in the morning. Start with a smaller dose and make sure it works for your body.



I have found a lot benefits in taking this specific magnesium supplement daily. The reasons I take it are to help with my anxiety and insomnia. Growing up, I could never sleep... I toss and turn in bed (yes, even with my eyes closed the whole time). I'd get nauseous because I was so exhausted - but my brain doesn't have an "OFF" switch.

Melatonin helps me get sleepy physically. Magnesium has helped me combat issues that keep me up all night even when my body is tired: stress, endless thoughts, and worrying.

A lot of people ask me how magnesium helps with sleep... honestly,  it helps in a round-a-bout way. Having enough magnesium in your system gets things in your body and brain working the way they were meant to... and because your body and brain are working optimally, you get better sleep! 

"Dr. Christopher D’Adamo, an assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, informed me that magnesium is involved in over 300 physiological processes — it’s essential for bone health, nerve and muscle function, protein synthesis, and more. If you aren’t getting enough magnesium, you could be at risk for osteoporosis and heart disease, as well as potentially anxiety and nervous-system disorders." (pulled from

Scientifically, magnesium helps relax our muscles. This is a key factor in feeling physically relaxed, allowing sleep to come easier. And as far as combatting anxiety, magnesium binds to the GABA neurotransmitter in our bodies, which is also a receptor for sleeping aids like Ambien. This bind with GABA has anti-anxiety attributes. So... if your racing mind is keeping you up at night. magnesium may be worth a try.



Yeah... a sleep routine, like a baby. I began my sleep routine at the beginning of 2017. Between magnesium, the occasional melatonin, and the routine, I have got the best sleep in my adult life! Every person is going to have a different sleep routine, however here is what I think is important:

  • All responsibilities stop when your sleep routine starts. Do not answer work emails, phone calls, clean, or finish a task. You can accomplish more when you're rested, so let everything pause while you refresh. That way, you'll kick tomorrow's butt.
  • Schedule "Do Not Disturb" on your iPhone. This turns off notifications between a scheduled time. You can allow calls from select people if you choose or anyone who repeatedly calls (this is important in case of an emergency). You won't receive pesky social media reminders OR texts at ridiculous hours. I have my Do Not Disturb set from 10pm to 7:30am so that my phone isn't going off while I am getting ready for bed or asleep. To set yours: Settings > Do Not Disturb
  • My magnesium drink. I dove into this topic above so you know why I love it. But I will add, because this drink is so much apart of my routine, just drinking it makes me feel relaxed because it cues my brain that it is time to rest.
  • Practice a little self care. To get ready for bed, I go through my skincare routine (which is mostly CocoKind products). This is a great time to turn on relaxing music and do any type of grooming or self care you need!
  • Leave anxious thoughts behind. You CAN do it. And you have to forcefully choose to do so until it becomes a habit. Bedtime is not a time to rabbit hole into over-thinking some sort or work or relational snafu. I refuse to even evaluate my day or myself. If you want to fill your mind with something, let it be positive thoughts about yourself, the people around you, and your life.
  • A minimal bedroom. Take everything out! The bedroom is for sleeping and sex only. Our bedroom only has our bed, two side tables with small lights, and then curtains. No TV. No electronics (except our charging phones.... wish we could let this go). We even got rid of our dressers! No clutter = less stress.