The Best Fresh Thyme Finds

Move over Trader Joe's! Fresh Thyme is moving in as the Midwest's favorite healthy grocer. I am lucky enough to have a Fresh Thyme right here in Cincinnati. In this blog, I want to feature 9 of my favorite products from my last grocery haul.

xo Sarah


1. Angelic bakehouse flatzza


I use this sprouted grain flatbread in my Sprouted Grain Pizza Recipe. I love this as a healthier + quick option for a pizza. Made of high quality, GMO-free ingredients, it tastes great and only packs 130 calories per flatbread! This is a great item to keep stocked in the pantry for pizzas, veggie wraps, or even quesadillas!

Why choose sprouted grains? They are lower glycemic and easier to digest. They are considered a whole grain as well - much better than other options such as baked items made from traditional bleached flour.

2. Fermented Goodies


Most health foodies have been exposed to fermented products. Over the past year, I have developed a taste for these tart goodies - and my gut likes it too.

I could not find fermented vegetables in traditional grocery stores in my area and I am not comfortable ordering an item like this online. Fresh Thyme had a whole section of fermented goods - I picked out these colorful + tasty fermented beets and cabbage.

Why Fermented? Here are the health benefits per Wildbrine's website:

"It works like this—when food is fermented, it’s kind of predigested for you. The probiotic action of the microorganisms breaks the vegetables down. All of a sudden the calcium, potassium, vitamins K, B, and C, and all the other nutritional elements already present in the veggies become more bioavailable—they absorb into your system and revitalize you right away.

The nutrients you absorb and the probiotics you ingest by eating fermented foods help your body in different ways. Some go straight to your gut where they rejuvenate the good bacteria that helps you digest. Some enhance your immune system. Others even go to work creating phytonutrients called isothiocyanates, which have been shown to destroy precancerous cells." 

3. blueberry crumble coffee


Alright ladies! I am going rogue... While I would love to tell you I only drink organic coffee - the truth is, I don't discriminate against any coffee (except Folgers because the smell of it makes me nauseas).

The joy I get from good coffee far outweighs any negative impacts of drinking non-organic. So personally, I am not a stickler. This coffee is PURE JOY.

Do I sound over the top? Because I should. That is the only way to capture how AMAZING this coffee tastes. And HALLALUJAH, it is so good, I drink it with NO SUGAR. I try to be pretty open about my Splenda addiction - this is the only coffee that loosens death grip that I have on Splenda.

My husband - hater of all flavored coffees - loves it too. I need to find out if this is seasonal, because my husband and I have already decided we want to buy a few pallets worth of this stuff. Anywho, this coffee is a MUST BUY.



Although I always go for two drinks in particular, I want to put this entire section of Fresh Thyme Markets on the list. The drinks they have are pretty awesome - they truly carry about every wellness drink that you'll see gracing clean food IG feeds. My two go-tos are GT's komucha and Rebbl's Maca Cold-Brew.

Why Kombucha? Komucha is naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast, so it is a probiotic beverage. It packs benefits such as improved digestion, fighting candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, mental clarity, and mood stability.  What does kombucha taste like? It depends of the brand and flavor! My favorite, GT's Gingerade, is tart and reminscent of apple cider vinegar. I love the ginger flavor because it is crisp and gives me the "feels" that I used to love from sodas.

Why Maca? We love maca here at True Co! The REBBL drink tastes great and has all the benefits of maca: 

  • Healthy energy levels
  • Stamina and endurance
  • Healthy hormone balance
  • Healthy and balanced adrenal function

5. All Natural Meats


I am really impressed by Fresh Thyme's selection of all natural, quality meats - including wild game options (my husband loved this). At our conventional grocery, I usually settle for low-grade meats because of the price. FT fits our conservative budget and I feel confident I am getting quality proteins. Our picks this trip were: Sirloin Steaks, Salmon Breasts (used in my Pesto Salmon Recipe), and Hot Italian Sausage.


6. Siggi's Yogurt


I discovered Icelandic Skyr this year. This type of yogurt is naturally lower in lactose, high in fiber, and has high quality healthy fats.

Siggi's yogurt is the main ingredient in my Cake Batter Bowl Recipe. I love to use Siggi's as a quick snack or dressed up as a delicious dessert. Fresh Thyme has more flavors than any store in Cincinnati.

Dairy doesn't thrill me as far as health benefits, however Siggi's is a must in our house - and I feel much better knowing I'm eating quality dairy rather than the sugar + chemical laced options out there.

7. I love bars

As in snack bars, ya know? Okay honestly, I probably fall on the lower end of the bar-loving spectrum for a wellness blogger. Fresh Thyme has two of my favorite three bars: RX Bars + Perfect Bars. You can't get much cleaner than these options. I usually cut these bars in half and use as a dessert on my non-cheat days!

Most grocery stores have so much crap in their snack-bar sections. I love that Fresh Thyme really doesn't carry any low quality products or brands that advertise to be healthy - but actually aren't.

It is really hard to start eating healthy when grocery stores carry unhealthy products that are advertised otherwise and placed so that you see them easily. Fresh Thyme doesn't do that and I don't believe you can walk out with an unhealthy cart.


8. All Natural Skin Care


Chelsie and I only use Coco Kind as our main skincare regimen. It is affordable and has beautiful ingredients. I was siked to find out I could buy these products in store at Cincinnati's Fresh Thyme. 

I also spoiled myself and finally bought Mad Hippie's Vitamin C Serum. I have read great reviews that it helps clear scaring, which I have a lot of. I have been using it twice a day for about four days and my skin's pre-pregnancy glow has FINALLY returned. I am going to give it more time and write my own review after I have more proof that the serum is the secret behind my nice skin lately.

Coco Kind Skincare is a MUST BUY. Cinci loves, Fresh Thyme is the only place you can get it in the city!

9. Crack. Uh - I mean Honey Peanut Butter


Okay, don't attack me - but I am not a peanut butter gal. At least, until Fresh Thyme snuck this drug-like peanut butter into my basket! Seriously, I saw it in there and thought "meh" - Kyle will like it.

No, we now are addicted to Fresh Thyme's fresh ground honey peanut butter. Like the Blueberry Crumble coffee, no words are enough to describe the joy inside that little container. And honestly, I checked out the ingredients thinking there is no way this isn't terrible for me - it tastes too good, but I was shocked to find the ingredients were super clean! And the only added sugars are from a natural source. Buy it next time you go, and try to ration yourself - good luck!

Did I miss anything? Drop your favorite Fresh Thyme Finds below and I will get them on my next trip!