Femme Friday: Catherine Short

Femme Friday is about celebrating the women who inspire us with their life.

Enter Catherine Short.

 She's one of the people I most admire. She is bursting with brilliance in every facet of her life. Catherine is one of those people you have conversations with that stick with you years later. She's smart, fearless and continually seeks adventure through travel and special projects alongside her equally talented husband, Jordan. She’s a working momma and runs a lifestyle blog that is a must-read! If that’s not impressive enough, my girl has impeccable style both in her fashion and home design.

Catherine has been on my mind from the very beginning of Femme Friday. I KNEW we would need to share this sweet momma and 'Queen of Balance'! 

Seriously, this babe does it all. See below. ;)

-xo, Chels

Photo By: Jordan Short

Photo By: Jordan Short

1. Will you tell us a little about your life and who you are?

Hi, I’m Catherine! My husband, Jordan, and I are Chicago natives, but we’ve called Nashville home for three years now. We miss Chicago, but we don’t miss the winters. ;-) I have a B.A. in Psychology, but life (as it does!) took me in a different direction. After working in the beauty industry for a few years after college, I desired a more flexible life -- one that allowed me to have time for my hobbies (such as blogging). I began working (what I thought to be an in-between job) at a coffee shop and I am still there, six years later!

Our son, Phoenix, was born last summer! We are learning to navigate these early parenting years one day at a time. He’s such a joy. 

For me, it's important to stretch my mind, travel far, and always have a stash of dark chocolate."

For me, it’s important to stretch my mind, travel far, and always have a stash of dark chocolate. 
— Catherine short

2. You wrote a post on your journey through infertility and then becoming pregnant with your son, Phoenix. What advice or encouragement would you give to someone walking through this currently?

First off, I would say I am so sorry. Infertility is a challenging road to travel as it involves so many facets of one’s life -- their body, their partner, their dreams. It’s so hard at times, but please do not let infertility steal the joy in your life. It’s much easier said than done, but I had a very distinct moment -- about a year and half into our three year journey -- where I remember thinking I have to continue making plans and moving forward. So, we bought plane tickets for trips we didn’t know if we’d have to reschedule and moved to another state.

Photo By: Jordan Short

Photo By: Jordan Short

3. You are by far one of the most balanced people I know; in all aspects of life. How do you achieve such balance? 

Thank you for saying this. ;-) Honestly, I believe balance is a gift God gave me. There are many things I don’t possess naturally, but balance is one (though sometimes I rely too much on balance and don’t take risks!). I will say my parents didn’t let us think too hard about decisions -- they encouraged us to make the next right decision instead of dwelling on every possible outcome.

Practically speaking, I focus less on individual meals or days and instead think more broadly. It’s impossible to live everyday with perfect balance, but every moment in the week adds up!  

4. Your blog is absolutely fantastic. What started you into blogging?

I started blogging in High School (anyone remember Livejournal?), but ashortblonde is my passion project. I missed writing and I like the visual time capsule blogging provides me.

5. Can you give some insight into your style and how you select new pieces for your wardrobe? (I’m obsessed and you always look great).

I recently told a coworker when I was in my early twenties it was cool to look like you were a 35 year-old lawyer. I wore pointy-toed shoes, button-ups, and trousers!

Recently, I’ve gotten into the concept of building not a quarterly capsule wardrobe, but an all year basics capsule -- the building blocks of your closet. You might shift seasonal items in and out, but the core stays the same. Basics could include a few pairs of jeans, a white and black tee, a chambray button up, etc. This has been helpful for me as I’ve essentially had to start-over with my closet. I didn’t buy many clothes while we were trying to get pregnant. Most of my clothes were several years old and weren’t practical for nursing.

I want to buy less when the clothes I have in my closet fit really well. As a mom of a toddler, I gravitate towards sporty-chic. If you run into me around town, I’m most likely wearing jeans, a slouchy tee, and birkenstocks.

Yes, she always looks famous.                                                                    Photo By: Jordan Short

Yes, she always looks famous.                                                                    Photo By: Jordan Short

6. What is your favorite thing about living in Nashville?

The city is practically exploding with new businesses popping up everywhere. Despite the potential growing pains, I appreciate how supportive Nashville is towards its residences. When someone is talking about their side gig, I only ever experience genuine enthusiasm.

7. Best restaurant-must-go-to- in Nashville?

We share a common love for Burger Up. ;-) I also suggest Butchertown Hall -- they’re good for brunch, dinner or even just drinks! You obviously must visit a few of the amazing coffee shops in town: Barista Parlor, Crema, Dose (my personal favorite latte) and Steadfast (to name a few).  

Photo By: Jordan Short

Photo By: Jordan Short

8. What kind of exercises do you like to do?

I swam competitively growing up, but I really don’t like cardio anymore! I prefer to go on walks and strength and tone through yoga. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to practice regularly, but Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is an awesome resource if you can’t attend a class.

9. Somehow you manage to eat well among all the other things you do, how do you keep up with eating healthy?

I grew up eating casseroles, but also a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables as my dad loves to garden. It was balanced...for the 90s. ;-) When I was in highschool I realized (despite 2 practices 5-6 days a week) I was gaining weight and it was mostly because I’d come home from swim practice and eat bagel bites with my brother. He also swam, but had a crazy metabolism. I had a normal metabolism.

Since that day I learned to stop eating late at night and pay attention to what my body actually needs. I also think through how I’ll incorporate fruits and vegetables into my day. I keep an abundance of produce in the house -- I begin to panic when our spinach is low!

10. What are you favorite busy day go-to meals?

I try to make one or two meals with leftovers on non-busy days. I also keep frozen organic veggie burgers from Costco in our freezer. They come to the rescue a lot! And, when in doubt roast everything. I threw a bunch of vegetables on a baking sheet this evening and I now have vegetables for the week.

Photo By: Jordan Short

Photo By: Jordan Short

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