Femme Friday / January 12. 2018

Keeping it super simple this Friday! So, here's just a few of my favorite things from the past few weeks. Hope your new year is starting out the best. 

-xo, Chelsie


I love a good intentions list. And I love the broadness of this list gives me some allowance for forgiveness when I don't get it perfect every week. I still write smaller lists of intentions but I'm also digging this overall yearly list to steer from. Do you write intentions? 

Date-Night-In Box

Date-Night-In Box

This Christmas I tried out a Date Night In subscription box as a gift to Trey. It was very cute and very fun. The box itself was just so pretty... I can't even throw it away! This 'Winter Wonderland' themed box was filled with festive activities like an air-stream gingerbread decorating kit and hot cocoa stirrers. Also, two pieces of pretty stationary to write a letter to write each other on. Ultimately we didn't keep the subscription but it was fun to try for one month. 

In about a month we're heading out on a cruise to celebrate my 30th birthday with friends (Sarah's coming! yay!) and I wanted to look for a new suit to wear! I turned straight to Cupshe. They have such a beautiful + unique collection. So much so that I had the hardest time deciding and I ended up getting two. This one-piece though is the one I am the most excited for. Normally, I wouldn't wear a suit that's so low cut around the chest BUT I will be kid-free for this adventure. That means no toting toys or 47 bags around, chasing Vance around the entire pool, or bending over 76 times in 10 minutes to dress and undress both children. I'm so excited. Also, their suits are SO reasonable. Swim suits are one thing I've never thought it made sense to invest a ton of money into. You always want a new one next year anyway? Right? 

A Sunshine Breakfast Jar //  Photo By: Jessie Snyder of  Faring Well

A Sunshine Breakfast Jar //  Photo By: Jessie Snyder of Faring Well

January definitely needs some sunshine. Jessie from the blog, Faring Well, got it soooo right with this Sunshine Breakfast Jar! I think all of her recipes are absolute genius and haven't tried one I didn't like yet. Plus her and her husband are the cutest thing ever. She is one of my favorite food bloggers to follow for sure; especially if you're at all into plant based recipes. 


I end with the image of what I have been doing the last two days... snuggling my stuffy, sniffly little man. He's on the mend so hopefully we don't have to lay on the couch all day tomorrow.