Femme Friday / January 26. 2018

I'm turning 30 next week. . . 

I have both excited and meh feelings about this. I'm very much looking forward to the happy piece of a fresh chapter in my life and beginning a new decade. However, I'm also a little sad to wave goodbye to my 20's.  Here's some things I'm loving that are helping ease me into my, gulp, THIRTIES. 


Something that I've begun to really love is digging through beautiful cookbooks and choosing a new recipe to prepare. I honestly don't like to purchase a lot of them but people have started to gift them to me as they know how much I enjoy them. Thanks guys.  I really like borrowing cookbooks from the library. Here are my two favorites that I own, both were gifts. (😂) The first one is a Williams and Sonoma book called "Good For You" by Dana Jacobi and the second is "It's All Easy" by: Gwyneth Paltrow.

Good For You   by: Dana Jacobi

Good For You   by: Dana Jacobi

It's All Easy   by: Gwyneth Paltrow

It's All Easy   by: Gwyneth Paltrow

Hair Color

I hadn't colored my hair in well over a year. Which is actually a really long time being that I'm a licensed cosmetologist and coloring my own hair is source of fun and artistic creativity. It's like painting or drawing for me. I took a break from any color for a while mostly to break from extra chemicals and toxins. My friend and cousin had started using a really fantastic organic color line at her salon and I was also extremely desperate to try it out. IT IS AMAZING! The brand is 0 Way Organics and the products they are creating makes me miss being in the salon. You can click that link and learn more specifics on the company. 

They produce all of the hair color and products with zero gmo's, PEGs, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, SLS or petroleum. And their bleach is a creamy, plant butter based lightener. There was no smell and if you've colored your hair before or you do hair for a living, you know the incredibly strong smell that typically is there. I so wish I would have known this and used this brand when I was working. Maybe down the road that door will open again. A little bit of highlights and lowlights can go a long way and made me feel so refreshed before turning the big 3-0. Thank you Carissa. 

Justin Timberlake Tickets

Sooo I've kind of loved JT since I was like 12. Hard core N*SYNC fan over here. Anyway, I can't NOT go to his show. Also, have you heard his new songs he's release? They're so good. This gives me something to get so excited about being 30 for. Are you going to see him on tour? Surely you are too. 

 Come on May. I'm ready to see JT! 

SELF-LOVE + Future bio

I shared this the other day on our instagram stories but I love it so much that here it is again! Danika Brysha is self care coach and preaches through her social media her story of finding body love. She shared her Do's and Don'ts For Cultivating More Self Love and they need to be heard. These are real thoughts I've had before and I'm sure so many others have too. 

Content by:  Danika Brysha

Content by: Danika Brysha

This week Danika also talked about writing a BIO from your future. She suggests writing a biography of yourself as if someone else is reading it about you in 5 or 10 years. Writing things like what you've done, where you live, how you enter a room, what kind of person you are and anything else. This is so brilliant. I sat down and did it the last couple of days and I really enjoy the time of sitting and thinking about the specific life I see and want for myself.  The idea is that writing these things will help us to see ourselves doing those things and living the life we want most. I'm not quite ready to share my personal BIO as I'm very new to it myself. Soon I will be though, I'm sure. Danika shared hers here if you need a better idea of where to start in writing your own. It is powerful. 

Finding sitters

Living far from family requires sitters to be able to do things like date nights, work, be sane. Those types of things. Trey and I were just discussing needing to have a line up of a few sitters we could call on. This is one thing we've kind of failed at since moving to Houston. It makes such big difference having those little  windows of time apart from your perfect children. They're busy and demanding and little ones should be but that requires A LOT.  A lot of attention, time, love, focus, talking, energy.. the list goes on. But the reason we've failed at finding sitters to give us some breaks or cover us when we can both be everywhere is because, well, where do you start? How do I begin to find strangers I am comfortable enough with that I would trust them to keep my kids? So we didn't. Or we continually put it on hold.  Then I saw a good friend, who's also one of my favorite bloggers, share an article she wrote about 'How to Find Babysitters". Catherine of A Short Blonde shares her tips for finding sitters when you don't have family near by. Find that here if you need the tips too! Thanks Catherine! 

Also she's TOTALLY right about day dates.... they're the BEST! 

I'm off to enjoy my last weekend in my 20's with all the feels. 

-xo, Chels