Femme Friday // February 23. 2018

This week has been all about finding JOY in the MUNDANE.



Everything about everyday this week has been so very regular and plain in every way.  I'm not complaining either... I'm grateful for the monotony of these days. It means our family is well, there have been no emergencies, we're not packing for a giant road trip, our life isn't flipped upside down by a cross-country move, etc. This week was filled with very regular things like doing the dishes, taking the kids to school, planning dentist visits and cooking dinner. Even the weather was somewhat ordinary with it's cloudiness and mild temps. Things are good.  Plain and boring and good. 

It is sometimes difficult though for me to appreciate the simple days. And THAT'S OKAY. I mean we don't have to jump for joy every second of the day as we are sweatily packing up groceries into the car, sitting in the school pick-up line or tackling the laundry pile; BUT we do need to appreciate these normal, ordinary days that are filled with very insignificant problems. It's so easy to be excited when we have big things going on...i.e.: traveling on vacation or moving, opening a new business, starting a new school year or celebrating a birthday. It might be stressful but it's also exciting and happy. There is a different enjoyment though for the regular days.



Here's what Ive been loving for those plain + ordinary days:

  1. Dance Party // My kids mood completely shifts (just like mine does) when I turn on the right song and stop everything else I am trying to do and just dance with them. They love it! Blare your favorite music, literally dance like no one is watching and feel the mundane melt away. 
  2. Try a New Recipe // I usually tend to bake. Planning a nice meal at the end or in the middle of a pretty monotonous week bring something new to the "same old, same old".  This week I made my Grainfree Banana Squash Muffins and I'm planning to make this Whole 30 Thai Basil Beef from The Defined Dish this weekend. YUM! 
  3. Gratitude Practice // Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show has a perfect podcast to lead you into a gratitude practice. It's appropriately titled, "I'm Freaking Grateful".  
  4. Journal // For me this changes from praying through journaling to writing out a bio from my future.  I learned this practice from Danika Brysha . I have loved getting into the habit of writing what I hope and dream for my future. 
  5. Help Someone Else // It's hard to be bored or unhappy when you are helping someone else out. If it's a less exhausting week for me I will try and find a friend that is having the opposite kind of week. I bring them dinner, send them a card, hit up a Prime Now special treat for them.. you get the point. You give them joy and in turn can't help but experience joy. 
Photo By: The Defined Dish

Photo By: The Defined Dish

We have very few plans this weekend as our plain-jane week continues. We will be picking out Raegan's birthday party invitations, grocery shopping and hitting up the new juice spot we found again. Over the last couple years we've had A LOT of intense, busy and stressful times so I take these days and appreciate the hell out of them. Happy Weekending Friends. 

-xo, Chelsie