Femme Friday | March 9

Hello. Chels here.

Sharing my favorites for the week.


I've been ULTRA simple in my meals lately; like three, one-ingredient items put together to make a meal or a veggie burger with a side type meal. While I'm vibe-ing this super simple form of eats I've relied heavily on easy breakfast plates with just scrambled eggs, sautéed greens + a dab of avocado. It's usually something varied around that. Also, I really love the Caulipowered Pizza Crusts. I've just been adding sauce, roasted/sauteed veggies that I'm feeling and a little bit of organic shredded cheese. I tend to eat the same foods over and over in different forms but right now these are on repeat and I'm totally okay with it. 

Breakfast in 10 minutes

Breakfast in 10 minutes

If you haven't yet, go download my and Sarah's Unrecipe Guide. It's the easiest way to take what ingredients you love and have on hand and turn it into an actual meal. Click the link (here), sign up for our newsletter and receive our e-book as a giant THANK YOU.  


International Women's Day:

Yesterday was International Women's Day and it was so amazing to see all of the bright words women were sharing as we encouraged one another. I'm grateful to all the brilliant, badass women I know doing their part in their circle. I'm proud to call so many of you friend. But also on a day that aims to celebrate WOMEN I look inward and revel in the honor and joy that I have in raising my little girl to be one of those women someday. I feel every ounce of the huge responsibility there is in raising a daughter, but what a time to do it. 


Rupi Kaur was well quoted yesterday and for good reason. Her poems are stunning and express, I think, what so many of us as women want to say.  I'm sure you saw some of her published work shared around yesterday but go and read more of her stuff, here: rupikaur.com !


Clothes + Entertainment:

Admittedly I have been a bit mopey as the weekend has been approaching... I was supposed to be traveling home with my kiddos to visit for the week while they are on spring break. However, we ended up having to schedule a procedure for Vance with his ENT to have his tongue clipped. (It's causing him speech issues) So I am staying put this week. I'm happy I will have the time with the kids and get to do fun things here with them BUT I am also sad I can't go home and missing my family/friends terribly. Somehow wearing my gifted Ohio Home shirt (thanks Court), drinking from my Ohio mug, relaxing in my old Cincinnati sweatshirt and eating some of my homemade Clean Eating Cincinnati Chili all make me feel a bit better.. so covered in head to toe Ohio gear for the next couple days. lol. I'll see you in June, Cincy. 

Homage by far has my FAVORITE apparel and we usually end up buying something when we're in town from their OTR store. 


Trey and I will be home a lot this weekend so we are planning on cleaning out our spare room + renting a movie. I know, VERY exciting stuff over here. lol We literally never go to the movie theater so I totally rely on just watching the movies I want to see when they come out to rent/buy. This weekend we're finally going to watch Daddy's Home 2. As simple as it seems, I'm quite excited about it. :) 

Happy Weekending All.

-xo, Chels