Femme Friday | February 16

My Menu This Week

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.07.18 AM.png

My husband and I both have iPhones, so we utilize the shared calendar as well as shared notes. YES, you can share notes and update them in real time! Between the two, we plan our menu (if we are busy) or lately, we pick out a few dinner meals, lunches, and snacks to shop for.

I am bad about buying groceries and forgetting what meals I intended to make, that is why I started writing down what meals I shopped for. This also helps me make sure I make the fresh meals early in the week (aka salads earlier so the lettuce is good).

Anyway, here is a screenshot of my shared note that I keep and fill out every week. I didn't check it for spelling or spruce it up - this is actually what we buy! *Side note: my husband shopped and he bought BBQ chips, so, unfortunately, I got lost in a bag of potato chips despite my wonderfully filled fridge.

Intentions Check-In

My cravings get weird... super-crispy Aidell's Apple Chicken Sausage & Ezekial toast w/ goat cheese, honey, sunflower seeds, and arugula.

My cravings get weird... super-crispy Aidell's Apple Chicken Sausage & Ezekial toast w/ goat cheese, honey, sunflower seeds, and arugula.

I posted my February Intentions a few weeks ago and also talked about why I think they are so important (go check it out on our feed). Here are some intentions I am rocking out:

I have taken out time to workout about 3 times a week with my cousin. We do 30 minutes of cardio and talk about life. I am making strides at completing some extra training for my job. I hope this makes me a better asset to my company and helps me further my career and ability to financially provide for our little family. I have been much more honest with myself and others on what I am feeling and desire - I am working on pursuing it more fearlessly. I freakin' rocked shorts my whole cruise! Those 16-way mirrors provided a few freakouts over cellulite, but I still did it and mostly felt amazing. I am investing time in the people who have been there for me consistently before others - this has really steadied me! And I have been listening to a whole lot of Chris Stapleton.


What I Am Reading

I am still reading Oprah's "The Wisdom of Sundays" book and I also was recommended "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. So, I will be switching back and forth between both. I am really enjoying reading about spirituality and how to increase my intentionality. 

I am very much so rooted in my religion and beliefs which align with it, however, I do believe humans have a lot to offer in their stories and wisdom. Although I am being encouraged by people of multiple different faiths and viewpoints, it has really helped me connect with myself and God. I love finding new depths of understanding and I love constantly testing my views - I believe it has made me stronger.

Bahamas + Miami Recap

The Bahamas and Miami were spectacular! My heart hurt a bit knowing that I was supposed to be living outside of Miami, but I tried to soak in every minute of our weekend getaway fro Chelsie's 30th birthday. The weekend was full of sun, minimal sunburn, laughter, way too much food, shopping, and snorkeling.

We saw the Nassau homes of Oprah, the founder of Starbucks, Tiger Woods, and BEYONCE & Jay-Z. I nearly flung myself off the sailboat in hopes I would wash up on Beyonce's private beach. I am still thinking I should have.

In Miami, we ate at DIRT,  healthy brunch spot. I loved everything about their menu and felt super inspired by how amazing their food is. If you are in Miami, DIRT is a must!

If you care to see a few recap pics, I posted them below. Selfies and bloopers included.