Turmeric + Collagen Pup Treats

You won't be able to scroll too far in our site without seeing us mention either collagen or turmeric. Both Chelsie and I include these ingredients in a lot of our meals or lattes because they are FULL of goodness for your body. So, when I was strolling along the sidewalk and I came across a cute little stand selling healthy dog treats, I WAS AMAZED to find the key ingredients were collagen and turmeric. 

I give myself these ingredients every week, so DUH I am going to give them to the cutest dog ever, Votto. (Note: the cutest dog ever is always the one that lives with you.)

I am going to share how easy it is to make these PetCake treats and why they are amazing for your prized pets. As always, this post isn't sponsored because we don't roll that way!

xo Sarah

This is my pup, Votto, about to have his first pup-cicle experience. 

This is my pup, Votto, about to have his first pup-cicle experience. 

Why Giving Your Pup Collagen + Turmeric Matters:

Just like people, dogs experience some of the same issues we do as they age: deteriorating joint and tissue, decreased mobility, and arthritis. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that combat issues such as stiff joints. Collagen - basically a superpower - is essentially a very important protein that makes up for at least 30% of your dog's body and over 75% of his skin. Collagen makes everything elastic - and when that elasticity goes away, the problems arrive. If you care for your own body + you're going to give your pets treats anyway, why not give them something quality?

Okay now let's talk about the 2 types of treats....

1. The Original PetCakes

So these guys are simple + made in your microwave. I started with an intro kit so that I get the reusable pan along with the treat mix. The directions were simple: in a bowl, stir the dry mix + 1/2c water, then pour into the pan (makes 6 treats total). I sprayed some coconut oil in the pan, and after filling up the first three treats, I popped them in the microwave for 2 minutes. After cooling, I removed the treats from the pan with a knife and a few twists of the pan and WAH-LA, fresh + healthy treats for Votto. You can buy what I have here. Votto started out with the Cheese flavor!


2. Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats

Okay the frozen treats are Votto's favorite. He takes after his dad's love of ice cream! We picked out the Banana Carob flavor for Votto (carob is basically chocolate for dogs, except they don't die). Similar to the other treats, I simply stirred together the dry mix + 1/2c water in a bowl. After mixing, I poured the mixture into the BPA-free pup-cicle pan that came in the package. I put the pan into my freezer and 3 hours later, we had 4 frozen treats for Votto. Each mixture + pan makes 4 servings. After giving Votto one, I put the other 3 pieces back into the freezer for a later. Just like the microwaved Petcakes, the frozen treats have the same quality ingredients. You can buy the Banana Carob flavor here.

Why I Love + Support PetCakes As A Brand:

1. PetCakes is Woman-Owned. I met the owner, Melinda, and I was so impressed by her. She has pioneered this idea from humble beginnings into an award winning product and business. Her products are in Kroger stores (this is a big deal) and she's still out there at markets and community events sharing her creation. I love seeing women pursue their big, crazy, dreams - and not stopping until they find success. Meeting Melinda was great for Votto, but also for me! PetCakes is actually a GIRLBOSS in action and I can't help but be inspired.


3, You won't find wheat, corn, soy, sugar, salt, or preservatives in any PetCakes products.

4. Veterinarian Approved

5. The ingredients are all natural and full of crude protein, fat, and fiber. Her pans are also BPA-free.

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Once you try PetCakes, let me know by commenting, or even tagging True Co. along with PetCakes in your picture! As always, our posts are non-sponsored and we do not make money off your purchases with companies we support, such as PetCakes.