The Secret Power of Arrowroot


One of the great myths of the beauty industry is that you need 5 million products to cover all the beauty bases in your regimen. They're lying.  Being a licensed cosmetologist, I understand this first hand. When I first started working in a salon it was incredibly overwhelming being 21 , barely making any money and yet still trying to figure out how to afford the dozens of hair and makeup products I felt I needed. Fast forward 9 years, 2 babies, and a lot of life in-between I am awakened to the idea that less is more. Truly. 

Diving into the world of non-toxic beauty products brings hormone health benefits galore and a simplicity that traditional, chemically-laden products don' possess.  Arrowroot Powder is a must have in your beauty line up. It ascends from an eyelash 'volumizer' to a dry shampoo to a body powder! Allow me to explain.


Fill a glass container 3/4 of the way up with arrowroot powder. (Link below for the arrowroot powder as it can be hard to find in stores.) Choose an essential oil and add in 5 drops. Sift together by stirring with a fork gently. I usually use Idaho Blue Spruce. Other good options would be orange, lavender, valor.  Young Living is my choice of oils as they are the purest with a seed to seal guarantee. If you're feeling fancy add in 1 tbsp of bentonite clay to your mix but it's not necessary. 

I make one mix and keep it in a jar for all three uses. 


This one might be my favorite. Yeah, it's definitely my favorite! Take a small, loose make up brush (an eyeshadow brush is perfect) and gently swipe across each row of lashes. Then go back and dab upward a bit along the top lashes. This will coat them in a light dusting of the powder. Apply your mascara right over the dusting of arrowroot. I use a mineral mascara by Pacifica. This gives them a very full, volumized look and feel. It's fantastic and I do it every time I put makeup on now. 


Take a larger brush and get just enough to coat the end of the bristles. Next dab and blend along your hairline and down your part. The arrowroot is used in the kitchen for thickening recipes and so it works great in absorbing excess oil in your hair. For blondes and lighter shades no need to change the tone of the powder. For brunettes and darker shades add cacao powder one tbsp at a time until desired shade is achieved. This would require a separate jar if you don't want to color your entire stash. 


Body powder

Probably this simplest of the three. Literally just sprinkle straight out of the jar onto your skin where chafing might occur, on your babies as their bottoms need it, and really anywhere else you might use typical baby powder. 

I've heard rumors that you can use arrowroot powder mixed together with coconut oil as deodorant but I haven't tried it yet so I can't share anything to that. If you try it, let a girl know. ;)

Three uses. One product. DO IT.

-xo, Chels


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